Teddy Bear Memories

Author: Gino Bear

Try to cast your mind back to when you were a child.  Do you remember Christmas morning when you picked up that present from under the Christmas Tree, the present that was wrapped up in the most stunning of wrapping paper, with a large bow on top.  You couldn’t wait to open the squashy present to find out what was inside could you, and when you did, it was one of the most beautiful Teddy Bears that you had ever seen.  His fur was soft and warm, his eyes, which looked at you directly, was so soft and gently and the big red bow of ribbon around his Teddy Bear neck just made him look so desirable.

Do you remember how he sat with you from that morning all the way through Christmas, not saying a word, but never leaving your side.  His tender loving furry face seemed to be glad that he had been chosen as your Teddy Bear.

From that moment on, he probably stayed with you throughout your childhood, joining in with all your fun and adventures, accompanying you on your family summer holidays.  Without you even noticing, he watched you all the time, making sure that you were safe and sound and always being certain that you had a friend.

That Teddy Bear that you loved so much as a child, but sometimes you were a little too embarrassed to admit your love of  to other people.  That Teddy Bear that you snuggled up to at night even through your adolescence, maybe even telling him of your fears and growing up pains.

Do you know what happened to that Teddy Bear?  Do you ever think about him and wonder what became of him?

Teddy Bears have such presence in the life of a child from birth until sometimes death.  When we think of our lives together we are often sent into a whirl of memories and past times, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but we always think of him with love and affection.  If you still have your childhood Teddy Bear you are, of course, very lucky indeed.  Once a Teddy Bear comes into your life, he seems to take on shoulders full of love and respect for you.

Not only do you remember your own Teddy Bear with fondness and love but I bet you remember many of your best friends’  Teddy Bears too, not unusual at all, most grown-ups do.  Perhaps you even remember hearing your parents talk about their Teddy Bears and I bet you they had at least one or two stories to tell, one thing is for certain they never forgot the Teddy Bears from their childhood did they?

Stories abound of people and their Teddy Bears and I believe this is one of the reasons why we all adore Old Teddy Bears so much.  Not only does the wonderful little chap have his own history which seems to ooze from his probably bald little body, but also he reminds you so much of your Old Teddy Bear or at the very least what your Teddy Bear would look like today if he were still around.  Stare into the eyes of an Old Teddy Bear and you will feel that he is covering up a whole world of childhood history.

When I talk to people about their Old Teddy Bears, they all open up to me, telling me of their times together and often whilst talking to me about their experiences, I have often seen tears in their eyes when they recall some sad events in their lives but I have also witnessed some of the most depressed people smile when talking about their Teddy Bears, which is why I think gifting a Teddy Bear to someone who is lonely, sad or even depressed often works wonders.

Memories of Teddy Bears have sometimes been kept on film.  It always excites me to see a photograph of a child from long ago with a Teddy Bear.  I always feel extremely privileged to see and hold an Old Teddy Bear, as he is a great source of history.  It is sad that most Old Bears have lost their history throughout time and only they will remember.  It don’t matter too much though, as I know that sometime long ago, perhaps on a cold Christmas morning, a small child was given a Teddy Bear which he absolutely adored and that Teddy Bear became very important to him.  The rest, as they say, is history, but I am happy to take on that Old Teddy Bear just as he is because, truthfully, I think Old Teddy Bears are wonderful, they warm my heart and make me feel special and extremely privileged  just to know them.

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